The smoothest omnidirectional platform

Steering Machines has created the component you need in order to have an omnidirectional platform that facilitates the mobility of your product in any ground with any load.

A component which is adaptable to your needs. See how it works

Omnidirectional module

Traction module product of steering machines. Through a communication bus it gets orders from navigation system in order to perform a particular movement and it emits its own position and orientation towards the navigation system.

Navigation system

Capable of driving the vehicle to a particular position, product of our client and third companies. Throughout the communication bus, it emits the speed instructions towards the traction module and process the position emited by the traction module.

Complete product

Complete vehicle with capacity of autonomous omnidirectional movement. 

Why conventional wheels

We designed and patented the technology for the first omnidirectional platform with conventional wheels, that allows a smooth mobility not just in interior and flat surfaces but also in any outdoor and irregular ones.

Higher load capacity

Lower mechanical complexity

Less vibration due to the wheel suspension

Lower need for maintenance

Ability to move on any surface

Cleaner for more hygienic environments

Our omnidirectional platform is the component you were looking for


It’s able to shift to any direction at any time, achieving trajectories that other vehicles can`t. Thereby, it requires less space to move and increases the useful area. As it doesn’t need to be handled, it facilitates much more the integration in the process and the interaction with other machines or operators.

Any Ground & Any Load

Due to the incorporation of conventional wheels, we don’t need to face the disadvantages of other vehicles with omnidirectional wheels. This means a higher load capacity and easy movement on any ground with a good vibrational isolation.

Easy Adaptation

This is an omnidirectional platform is designed in order to facilitate integration of the specific tools for your application. You only need to fasten your application module on the top surface, and it’s prepared to be integrated with more complex systems.

Our aim is to distribute this omnidirectional platform project around the world, to bring a customed solution for companies and let them include our engineering in their own products or processes

We work to let omnidirectional vehicles move in any field facilitating transport and improving people tools and business.

Those are some examples how Steering Machines can bring value.

Vehicle for the harvest

Food industry support

Goods transport

Assistance vehicle

This project has been developed within the frame of CDEI-UPC (Industrial Equipment Design Center of Politecnic University of Catalonia). Steering Machines SL collects the technological knowledge to improve it and apply it to industry.

Steering Machines SL will continue to collaborate tightly with the CDEI-UPC and other university groups so as to innovate and offer the latest technological solutions to our clients.

We would love to work with you

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